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Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked, We Answered

What all is included with a rental?

-1-Single Hopper Frozen Drink Machine and Heavy Duty Cart
-Delivery and Pick Up (Delivery charges vary)

-Your first bottle of premium drink mix of your choice
-Mixing Container

We will mix your first batch and show you how to mix more for refilling. 

We do not include the alcohol in a rental. We can help provide guidance as to how much and what types of alcohol work best with our drink mixes.

How many premium drink mixes can I get?

The first bottle is included in your rental and each additional bottle of drink mix is $25. You only pay for the bottles that you open.

What flavors do you offer?

We offer the following premium drink mixes: 

Margarita     Strawberry    Frose    Mango    Pina Colada    Summertime Lemonade

Peach     Rum Runner     Appletini     Hurricane     Mudslide     Mai Tai     Sangria

Cola     Watermelon     Strawberry-Banana

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